Only ONE line of code needed on any page you wish to track

Essential Information
Get all important information about real website visitors (bots/hacks are ignored). User country, browser, operating system, page visited, where they came from, ip identifier, and even their screen resolution - all gathered for easy perusal.
Everything in ONE Place
Some analytics programs will make you wade through pages, menus, and links just to get a single piece of the information. provides all your info on one page including charts to give you a portfolio breakdown at a glance.
Share Information
Ever tried to sell a site or domain without being able to provide true traffic information to the buyers? Now you can mark a domain as 'public' and let anybody you want browse through and analyse the traffic for that domain.
Easy to Use
Incredibly simple to use. Include the one line of code above with your key in the head tags of any page and immediately start tracking visitors. No messing about adding domains, panels, or coding. Can be used along with other analytics packages.
1,000 Uniques per month
Unlimited Domains
$0 / month
Standard Plan
50,000 Uniques per month
Unlimited Domains
$7.99 / month
Business Plan
250,000 Uniques per month
Unlimited Domains
$15.99 / month
Professional Plan
600,000 Uniques per month
Unlimited Domains
$29.99 / month